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Kerbl-East is located in Poland and provides high quality agricultural supplies for farmers and veterinarians

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Calf feeding bucket

  • complete with Super-Teat and screw valve

  • Easy to clean

  • if necessary mounting bracket item no. 1410

Calf drencher

  • with 3-stage valve for adjustment of the drinking speed

  • large bottle opening for easy cleaning

  • with moveable probe attachment

  • with screw fastener


Calf bucket teat with valve

For all type Kerbl buckets

Udder cloth

reusable cloth for cleaning udders and reducing bacteria levels


Calf puller

Downwards, upwards and rearwards tensile force possible

sturdy and durable design

the tension can be eased immediately in case of complications

Cow lifting frame

inexpensive lifting device for cows in the standard version

for standing up downer cows

clamps are infinitely adjustable to the specific bowl width

any animal can be raised with the help of a pulley or other device


Dehorner with transformer

  • with 24 Volt safety transformer

  • incl. stainless steel burner tip

  • very high heat output and considerable reserve power of dehorning tip (heating cartridge is located inside the dehorning tip)

  • easy handling due to light weight

  • with ergonomic handle

  • with stainless steel tray

Electric Prodder Anishock

  • long battery service life thanks to low energy consumption

  • electronics are fully protected against dirt, dust, aggressive vapours and spray water

  • buzzing sound when activated

  • on/off switch ensures that the trigger will not be activated accidentally

  • with break-proof polycarbonate shaft

  • Supplied with power pack

  • incl. NiCd battery 1.8 Ah


Cattle Ear Tag Flexoplus

  • specially designed for cattle

  • excellent resilience with low loss rates

  • highly animal-friendly

  • yellow in stock, other colours (red, blue, green or white) available to order

Hoof Abrasive disk

  • Top quality

  • no re-sharpening required

  • no lubrication

  • no heat build-up during the grinding process

  • PTFE coating


Hoof Abrasive disk

  • Top quality

  • no re-sharpening required

  • no lubrication

  • no heat build-up during the grinding process

  • PTFE coating

Hoof and Claw knife

  • hardwood handle ergonomically shaped for fatigue-free working

  • stainless carbon steel of highest quality for best durability and re-grinding properties

  • 2-stage grinding for maximum precision

  • with extra-sharp scalpel grind

  • for professional users


Hoof pliers

Length 36 cm

Technobase hoof treatment

  • rapid processing: can be modelled immediately after mixing

  • Technobase 8000 cures fully in less than 4 minutes at 20 °C product temperature

  • highly adhesive so you can be sure that the diseased claw will be perfectly spared until the wood block has worn off

  • models without becoming sticky: the dough remains flexible and can be shaped and processed until polymerisation

  • low temperature at the end of polymerisation, therefore extra-cutaneous splinting can be performed safely and without affecting the tissue


Padded hoof bandage

  • rolled absorbent cotton for individual padding of bandages

  • 100 % cotton compressed for easy use

  • good lengthwise tear strength, but still easy to tear by hand

Gate Spring

  • stretchable up to 5 metres


Bite nipple

  • stainless steel with brass threaded piece

  • with stainless steel screen

  • with acid-resistant EPDM sealing ring

Duo power x 4000 fencing unit

  • 12 V / 230 V DUO device with extremely high output power

  • for longer fences, also with vegetation

  • ideal for use also with strong animals and for deterring wild animals

  • optimised power consumption thanks to energy-saving mode

  • deep discharge protection with 12 V operation

  • microprocessor controlled

  • plug connector with screw fuse

  • Fence control LED and separate battery warning indicator


Lightning protector

  • protect your electric fence unit against overvoltage that can be caused by lightning strikes to the fence system

  • consisting of lightning protection choke and spark gap

  • To protect against lightning damage, the fence cable on the building must be guided through a lightning protection device with throttle and spark gap which is applied to non-flammable material on the outside wall of the building before being connected to the electric fence unit.

Rope connector


Poly Wire Topline

  • AKO TopLine Plus poly wires guarantee excellent conductivity and long-term durability for medium-sized to long fence systems.

  • In contrast to rust-proof wire, the tapes, poly wires and ropes offered by the TopLine PLUS range are equipped with our new TriCOND conducting material, boasting 5 x higher conductibility. In other words, you can use 5 x longer fences or 'transport' 5 x more power to areas in contact with animals = 5 x more security

Plastic post

  • for all conventional tapes, poly wires, ropes and wires

  • vertically reinforced for increased stability

  • with galvanised ground nail

  • 135 cm


Ring Insulator

  • Material: Plastic

  • with wood thread

  • with short galvanised support Ø 6 mm

  • Suitable for: Rope, Poly wire, tape up to 10 mm

  • for attaching gate handles on both sides

  • practical and secure

  • Support and hook made from stainless steel

  • 360° rotatable hanging loop

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