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Agritom Fresh Fodder Systems are hydroponic growing chambers that provides cheap and high quality fodder by sprouting different kind of cereal seeds.

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Container Type Fodder Machine


Container types starting from 100 Kg/day up to 500 Kg/day.


  • Insulated germination chambers that reduce energy costs.

  • Cooling and heating featured special designed air-conditioning units.

  • Durable rack system that is designed to work together with Agritom trays.

  • Corrosion-resistant rack materials

  • Special designed, ergonomic trays. Design of the tray is patented in the name of our company.

  • Agritom digital control unit that is user friendly and operated by AOS software.

  • Years of experience on designing and manufacturing hydroponic systems.

  • Special light system that supports plant growth.

  • Integrated ozone generator and water filtration system.



  • Lay the washed-cleaned and soaked seeds into the trays.

  • Load the trays into the system.

  • Sufficient light energy, constant climate conditions and disinfected irrigation water with enhanced oxygen 
capacity is provided in time of needs automatically.

  • At the end of 7 days you can start feeding your live stock with nature like grown fresh green fodder.

  • Wash & clean the empty trays and make them ready for reuse.

  • At the end of 7 days the cycle starts and after that you start produce everyday!

Indoor farm


You can now grow any where, any time with Agritom Indoor farm. Agritom vertical farming systems are ready to plug & grow just after supplying water and electricity.


Agritom Indoor farm has 5.040 root holding capacity. You can manage it as you want.


Inside of the leafy green grow container has two or three parts according to different stages of the plant growth and growing plans of yours. System has UV (ultraviolet) and O3 (ozone) disinfection systems for air and water disinfections which are operating automatically like other parts of the system.

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