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PGF Veyx Forte

Solution for injection for cattle and pigs Cloprostenol

Active substance:

Cloprostenol 0.250 mg (corresponding to 0.263 mg/ml cloprostenol sodium)


Chlorocresol 1.0 mg


Cattle (heifers, cows):

  • -  To schedule the time of oestrous and ovulation and for cycle synchronisation
    in animals with an ovulatory cycle when applied during the dioestrus (induction of oestrus in non-detected oestrus, synchronisation of oestrus)

  • -  Treatment of anoestrus and uterine disorders caused by a progesterone-induced oestrous cycle blockade (induction of oestrous in anoestrus, endometritis, pyometra, corpus luteal cysts, follicular luteal cysts, shortening of the sexual rest period)

  • -  Induction of abortion up to day 150 of pregnancy

  • -  Expulsion of mummified foetuses

  • -  Induction of parturition

    Pigs (sows):

    - Induction or synchronisation of farrowing from day 114 of pregnancy onwards (day 1 of pregnancy is the last day of insemination)


Active substance:

Gonadorelin[6-D-Phe] 50.0 μg/ml
(equivalent to 52.4 μg/ml Gonadorelin[6-D-Phe]acetate) Excipients:
Chlorocresol 1.0 mg/ml


Control and stimulation of reproduction in cattle and pigs. Treatment of ovarian- related fertility disorders or dysfunctions in cattle and horses.

Cattle (cows, heifers):

  • -  Ovulation induction in case of delayed ovulation due to LH deficiency

  • -  Induction/synchronisation within the framework of systems for timed insemi-


  • -  Stimulation of the ovaries during the puerperal period from day 12 post partum

  • -  Ovarian cysts (due to LH deficiency)

    Pigs (sows, gilts):

- Induction/synchronisation of ovulation within the framework or systems for

timed insemination and parturition synchronisation

Horses (mares):
- Acyclia and anoestrus due to LH-deficiency

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